I can always remember

Vocalizing the nuances of our daily hustle
— Alessandra Marconi

knowing the immense power of spoken words.  They are not disposable.  No word is forgotten, if said at the right moment.  Words are like the flowers of a dandelion; when blown from the stem they are carried somewhere else and absorbed into another reality.  In the American Midwest people talk in riddles and in the American South one feels the warm blanket of yes, sir and yes, ma'am.  What does the reflection of intonation, vocabulary and rhythm show about the speaker?  How does this transform the listener?  When dialogue turns into conflict, I love to answer the question "Why was this misunderstood".       

I choose to design each piece of my writing in a way that best fits the realistic context, whether it's a profile of someone or a personal essay.  Growing as a writer, I continue to discover my authentic voice.  Above all, I am humbled by my peers who review and edit my work and I value all the authors I look to for guidance and inspiration.