A mobile event offering classes and social dance parties to local spaces in New York City (and beyond).


In the summer of 2013, a search to fill a void in my dance career led to my discovery of New York City's street dance community.  I saw people using dance to express personality and connect like native tribes.  People use dance as a medium of communication very literally in street dance.  Each dancer has his or her own natural movement like a unique voice.  Dance battles have a formula like a dialogue: one person (or a group) dances and the others dance in response.  This exchange repeats and so a conversation unfolds.  This cypher is universal and frequently seen in clubs, practice sessions and streets.

On that particular night, among the sea of people breaking, waacking, popping and house dancing, I saw partner dancing.  "Doing the Hustle", I was told.

Since that night, my passion for Hustle dancing continues to deepen as I learn from the community of people where it all began: New York City.

Bridging the worlds of then and now, Alessandra preserves a social dance form unique to NYC while building a connection between diverse groups of movers.
— Tillt Magazine

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Alessandra hosts Hustle Social, a monthly hustle dance party created to offer a space for people to regain a sense of community through partner dance. Hustle is a native New York social dance born in the early 1970s. Hustle Social is multi generational. Come and get to know your neighbors.

Weekly Hustle partnering class information and social dance events can be found at The Hustle Social.