The Drama League Gala

Role | Choreographer

Director | West Hyler

Musical Director | David Evans

Associate Producer | Travis LaMont Ballenger

Honoree | Nathan Lane

Host | Matthew Broderick

November 2018

When Change Comes

Role | Associate Choreographer/Director

Director | Mark Stuart (Mark Stuart Dance Theatre)

Cast | Jaime Verizin, Marc Heitzman, Voltaire Wade-Greene, Robyn Williams, Mary Page Nance, Nick Silverio, Jacob Melvin, Connor Schwantes, Brian Golub

Music Director | Nate Hopkins

Co-Producer | Jeff Eckstein

Fall 2018

Maybe This Time

Choreography presented at Waack To The Future

Direction & Story | Alessandra Marconi

Music | "Maybe This Time", Liza Minnelli. Original Soundtrack of Cabaret.

Choreography in collaboration with Michael Jones

July 2018

ALEXA 'a new dance narrative'

Inwood Art Works' CULTURE HUB

Story & Choreography | Alessandra Marconi, Cassie Nordgren, Roddy Kennedy

Cast | Evan Kasprzak, Morgan Unger, Megan Ort, Roddy Kennedy, Nicholas Ranauro, Jacob Melvin, Claire Avakin, Giorgia Vitalli

June 2018

WESTSIDE (Netflix Original Series)


The Odyssey Theater, Los Angeles

Role | Movement Director for NAKED, a Song Cycle Presentation.

Producers | Michael Flutie of Madwood Productions (NAKED), Love Productions USA (Westside)

December 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 4.34.02 PM.png

The Road to Ruin

29 Hour Reading - Playbill

Role | Associate Director

Director | Pat Birch

Book and Music | Bill Zeffiro

November 2017

The Demise: a rock opera

2017 New York Musical Festival - Beta Series

Role | Dance Captain, Ensemble

Book | Joel Henry Stein with Elizabeth Yng-Wong, Doug Kreeger

Director | Shaun Peknic

Choreographer | Jennifer Jancuska with Assoc. Avery Sobzack

Music Director | Christopher Lloyd Bratten

July 2017

China Showman Live


Role | Asst. Choreographer, Dance Captain

Producer | The Seelig Group

Director/Writer | West Hyler

Original Music | Andreas Carlsson

Choreography | Abdur-Rahim Jackson

Spring 2017

Bandstand: The New American Musical

Dir/Choreographer | Andy Blankenbuehler

Role | Preproduction Choreography

The Living Room

A New Dance Theatre Collaboration

Choreographer | Jennifer Jancuska

Text | Adam Gwon

Sound Design | Scott Wasserman

Spring 2016

Dirty Dancing

Role | Staff Dancer

Producer | Allison Shearmur Productions

Network | ABC/Lionsgate

Director | Wayne Blair

Choreographer | Andy Blankenbuehler

Spring 2016

EtM Residency

Role | Girlfriend in Young Couple, Creative Collaborator

Choreography | Jennifer Jancuska

Composition & Lyrics | Adam Gwon

Funded by Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning to support the creative process for developing a new musical.

Winter 2016

BC Beat

Role | Dancer

Choreography | Andy Blankenbuehler

Cast | Josef Chaikin, Paloma Garcia-Lee, Austin Goodwin, Evan Kasprzak, Samantha Sturm, Ryan VanDenBoom, Alessandra Marconi, Andy Blankenbuehler

Fall 2015


Lincoln Center's White Lights Festival at City Center in NYC

Choreography | Crystal Pite

Role | Ensemble dancer with NYU Tisch Company and Kidd Pivot Company

Fall 2015

iLuminate Artist of Light

Image 3.jpg

 Founder, CEO | Miral Kotb

Production Stage Manager | Jordan Monson, Jorge Lucero

Roles | Dance Supervisor, Dance Captain, Ali, u/s Starlight

Tours | New World Stages, New York City

St. Mark's Theatre, New York City

Resorts World at Genting Highlands in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Spring 2015-cont.